The Vietnam War In The Film Apocalypse Now

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Under the influence of war, soldiers become intoxicated by the chaotic environment and seize the opportunity to commit immoral acts. However, several factors including politics, the participants, and the concept of war itself, allow for this dangerous environment to exist; this is especially true in regards to the United States’ experience during the long and brutal Vietnam War. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, photographs from the war, and the film Apocalypse Now convey the nonexistent boundaries of morality during war. These sources represent how the government’s objectives in the conflict took precedent over the soldiers’ lives and how an environment indifferent to morality lead to the desensitizing of the soldiers’ mentality and their loss of humanity.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, located in Washington D.C., symbolizes the government’s lack of consideration for the lives of soldiers. The Memorial itself is a
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Several sources on the subject of the Vietnam War reveal the war setting where blurred morals are prevalent and the factors that contribute to this chaos. For instance, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall represents the distance between the politics of the war and the inexperienced soldiers who were fighting. Moreover, two photographs from the war depict the contrasting environments that the soldiers experienced: the mysterious, foreign lands and Vietnam’s destruction. In addition, the film, Apocalypse Now, presents the Vietnam War as a situation where morality remains unchecked until it threatens the motive of the political powers in control and that allows soldiers to dismiss the gravity of the war. The Vietnam War, like every war in human history, revealed the darkest qualities of man simply due to his disregard for his humanity while simultaneously attempting to prove that his stance is right over the

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