Should Drinking Age Be Lowered?

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People use alcohol for numerous reasons.They can use it for peer pressure, celebration, anxiety, sadness, boredom, rebellion and insomnia are just a few. Even with the countless fatal accidents and deaths from alcohol, teens still pursue to drink even from the consequences that they will face. Why should this 21 drinking age be lowered? For the simple fact no matter what age we raise this law to, the illegal age will still be whenever a teen is surrounded by their peers with alcohol and finds it okay to drink.
Drinking age should be lowered to eighteen. By lowering the drinking age there will not be such a rebel generation after the next. At this age the law considers “teens” adults. At this age you are responsible for your actions and suffer consequences through those actions. We’re responsible at this age for bills if we are on our own, getting to and from work, paying
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The drunk driving would go down. Although, raising this age puts a tougher strain on the rebel generation.
We could raise the age all the way up to 35 and say, “35 is the legal drinking age in the United States now.” What would that solve. By raising the age under age drinking will be higher than ever not in just college, but high school and maybe even middle school. Binge drinking will be at an all time high. Alcohol would be in the hands of minors and they would not even know how to say, “no!”. If we lower the drinking age to 18, then we could teach the young adults about “Binge Drinking”. We can show them how you can still have a good time without killing yourself or anyone around them, and how too much alcohol affects their brain cells, and how they will react by intoxicating themselves. As lowering the alcohol age legally to eighteen while in high school a class could be offered to teach the young adults about not only the positives of drinking but also all the negatives that can happen if they 're not

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