Consequences Of Long Term Unemployment By Austinnichols Essay

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The book entitled, Consequences of Long-Term Unemployment by AustinNichols, Josh Mitchelland Stephan Lindner(2013) tackled the effects or consequences of being unemployed in a long-term. It can affect individuals, families, and communities in direct ways. Being unemployed for a long time may erode the skills through lack of use. They stated that a depreciation or erosion of human capital increases as time passes, meaning in finding a new job that is the potential wages of an unemployed individual can earn and even the chances of seeking a new job decrease the longer they are out of work. Moreover, being out of work stresses and influences an individual’s physical and mental health, family dynamics, and the well-being of his or her children. Depressive symptoms increase due to being unemployed and have little impact on other measures of health. Long-term unemployment and job losses can increase family stress and reduced incomes. In addition to, a parental job loss affects children’s educational performance and lowers the future earnings.
This literature focused on the effects of being in a long-term unemployment that affects individuals, families and communities on the same thought, the research study the unemployment rate. In contrast, the paper focused on the effect of the public insurance companies’ social security contributions from employers to the unemployment rate of the Philippines and not just only on the effect of unemployment but the literature contributes a lot…

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