Essay On Why High School Drop Out

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What if you were forced to potentially forfeit your future chances of obtaining a job and achieving success all because you decided not to graduate high school? It is estimated that an average of 1.2 million high schoolers drop out each year which rounds up to one student dropping out every 26 seconds. Out of the entirety of high schoolers worldwide, around 25% of freshmen do not end up graduating high school on time. High school dropouts are roughly 72% more likely to be unemployed rather than high school graduates. Additionally, nearly 80% of the people who end up in jail did not receive their high school diploma. With statistics that yield negative results, the consequences of dropping out of high school seem to overrule the few long term benefits of not earning a diploma. (Sum, Khatiwada, McLaughlin) For the people who make the decision to drop out of high school, there seems to be little ideal reasoning behind the decision. One of the main misconceptions of dropping out of high school is that many …show more content…
First and foremost, one of the causes is being much less likely to get a good paying job or even a job at all. High school dropouts have a much harder time getting a job and advancing in the job as well. Similarly, the average payout between a high school graduate and a high school drop out are drastically different. On a different note, high school dropouts are much more susceptible to doing drugs or drinking alcohol for lack of more constructive things to do as well. Roughly 70% of members that end up in jail were high school dropouts mainly for the reason being they could not keep a job or didn’t want to try to get a job so they tried to make some quick money illegally. The simplest way to avoid becoming a statistic similar to this is simple: stay in school and earn a diploma at the minimum.

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