Consequences Of Global Warming Essay

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Register to read the introduction… There are insane heat waves occurring and wildfires have increased drastically; more records of storm have been recorded. Temperatures are severely increasing over time. Sea levels are rising and the ice is melting in the artic. The National Geographic “Effects of Global Warming” tells us that since these icebergs are melting and water is becoming warmer the fish are moving to cooler places and because of this penguins and polar bears are slowly decreasing in number; and will continue to until we find a better way to deal with this problem. Global warming is effecting where rain is falling; some places are getting more where it is not needed and others are not receiving enough that do need it. In the future these consequences could severely get worse. Droughts will become more known and so will floods. Stronger hurricanes could possibly occur. Diseases may spread and life cycles among plants and insects could be thrown off. We will also run out of fresh water, which is said to happen by

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