How Can Football Be Dangerous Essay

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In sports, everyone who commits to playing for a team knows that there is a large risk involved by the time the players are stepping onto the field. What people do not know is just how much of a substantial risk football players are taking. Children and teens are devoting their lives training for something that in one game, their career could be over. The risks associated with football is undermining. Playing football is not worth the consequences because it can be dangerous for young children, can end careers, and it can take lives.
First of all, when young children or even teens start football, all the kids see is how fun it is. However, it is the kids don’t see how dangerous it is, and neither do their parents. Parents often tell children it is necessary to play a sport, the children do not have a say. Caretakers should not be putting children in this situation. When the children are old enough to legally make their own decisions, only then should humanity start to play. According to “Sport-related injuries leave lasting, painful effects” by, “Student athletes may not realize the long term adverse effects of injuries sustained while participating in competitive sports at the high school level,”(Paragraph 1). All students think about is when is it possible to get back to the game. It is not taken into account
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Young children only see the fun in football, not the dangers. If athletes get hurt in a game, there is no telling when the players will recover. If players die doing something that can be considered “fun”, should the sport really be allowed with so little restrictions? All in all, playing football is not worth the consequences because it can impact children's lives, can prevent people from doing what is loved, and it can end the lives of innocent people. Therefore, football players need to think hard and long about their decision to play. Is it really worth the

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