Football Concussions Essay

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Concussions in Football Football, over the years, has built its reputation for being a hard-nosed contact sport. This type of contact sport pushes the players physical limits and tests them to be as powerful as possible. With the pure athleticism and power of these players, it can cause huge amounts of head on collisions. The players, over the years, have found a severe problem with their heads after their career is over. Football has never thought about the repercussions of the player 's health when their career is done. That 's because these severe problems have not been brought up to football until about five years ago. Past players have brought up the severe issues they have had with their head. The one problem that football has faced …show more content…
The controversy of concussions has been up in the news with past NFL players coming out with serious brain trauma.“ A confluence of early player retirements in the early 1990s led then-Commissioner of the NFL Paul Tagliabue to form the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee in 1994.”(Kahn). With the rise in head trauma from previous players has caused the NFL to make changes in their player safety precautions. The NFL is worried about the aftermath of all the collisions, and with the increase in depression, the NFL is taking extra precautions. “2252 former NFL players. Of respondents, 11.1% had been diagnosed with clinical depression. Those with a history of 1 or 2 concussions were found to be 1.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with depression than those without a history of concussion.”(Kahn) The studies in this journal have provided the difference from not playing contact sport to actually playing. “retirees reporting concussion were at greater risk for having depression later in life compared with those retirees, not self-reporting concussion” (Kahn). These tests have proven what it can entail for the future of NFL players with concussion history. Football has had its opportunities to see the tests and see what concussions have caused to players, but players every week seem to be suffering from massive brain trauma. The NFL is not the only one struggling to try to make the game as safe as it can

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