Fate Reflected In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In William Shakespeare’s famous play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the two tragic star-crossed lovers were destined to meet each other. Fate played a cruel role in the play but in no way was it accountable for their demise. What came after that was entirely based on their own actions. The pair of young lovers were seen as a foolish couple who loved each other passionately and failed to slow down and think about the consequences of their actions. Throughout the play, Romeo and Juliet chose to ignore important advice and signs which was given to them. The lovers instead chose to follow their instinct which, little did they know, would tragically end their lives.
Romeo and Juliet were
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In their haste to be with each other, they lose their sense of morality and follow their impulsive instincts to draw to foolish conclusions. Juliet would have gladly sacrificed herself if she could not have Romeo ‘unless though tell… o issue of true honor bring.’ (Act IV, 1) Here Juliet says that because she cannot be with Romeo in life, the only way she can see to be with him is in death. She doesn’t mind sacrificing her honour if that is the only solution for them to be together. This reckless love and loyalty caused their deaths in the end, both refusing to live without the other. If Romeo acted rational and delayed his actions for a moment longer, his tragic ending would’ve been avoided. Yet he insisted that death was the only answer and killed himself within moments. When Juliet awakens from her sleep, Friar Lawrence arrives to the scene and offers her an escape- freeing her from the hands of death ‘Lady, come from that nest Of death….Stay not to question, for the watch is coming’ (Act V, 3). Friar Lawerence does this because he believes that there is nothing left but misfortune for them. Instead she chose to remain behind leading to a reckless suicide beside her dead husband. Without projecting any pragmatic characteristics, the lovers mourn their loss and kill themselves in the heat of the moment. The young and unwise lovers rushed into a conclusion which ultimately brings forth a disastrous end for the

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