Consequences Of European Unity

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The Europeans are eager to tell people the incredible unity, as long as someone try crossing the line in Europe. Currently, people can move freely belong to EU countries where transit is not time-consuming. This of course is called excited passengers, but can only benefit them. Since EU citizens can now easily go to any member countries to study, work or business, the EU 's poorer regions there has been economic growth. Transit convenience is definitely a big change. But are so quick to conclude that Europe has to unify, or on the road towards integration has been smooth it? The fact that just the contrary, the obstacles ahead, some of the problems more as people rather discouraged. However, let us now take a closer look at European unification a big step on the way, so that may be able to understand why people have high expectations of European unity. According to Smith (1992), identity combines of three elements, including the shared part of the continuity of successive generations of a given unit of population, the shared memories of earlier periods, events and personages in the history and the common density. In the earlier ages, the number and scale of identities were limited, but due to population growth and organization, the identities are multiplied and this causes barrier for the EU to be unified. One of the …show more content…
And European media also have high reporting freedom on the cases of terrorism. With the technology innovation and high usage of social media in European countries, the terrorism messages spread at a rapid rate and it can be concluded as out of control generally (Foreign Policy, 2016). A case study of terrorism will be discussed in the following to illustrate the problem of European identities with the government’s

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