Consequences Of Child Abuse

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In 2014 it was estimated 702,000 victims of maltreatment, that 's the same as packing ten modern football stadiums with people.(“Child Abuse Statistics…”) Briere is a five year old who was sexually abused by her cousin in a goat barn. Autumn is being physically abused by her mother while her siblings were outside playing. Brittani is neglected by her aunt and uncle while being locked in a bathroom closet. Madison was emotionally abused by her grandma when she was seven years old. There are many different types of child abuse such as physical abuse which would be when an adult hurts a child. Sexual abuse is when an adult deliberately exposes a child to sexual activity for his/her gratification. Neglect is when an adult persistently fails to …show more content…
Child abuse can cause a lot of different problems to develop later on in life. Child abuse may cause anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, and other emotional and behavioral problems. Child abuse can cause more than just these disorders but these are a few big ones. Of the children that had gotten abused, 45.1% have depressive disorder, 31.7% have PTSD, 11.5% have acute stress disorder, and 1.1% have anxiety disorder. While many people had been diagnosed with these disorders, many people had feelings of anxiety, guilt, and sleeping problems (Yuce). Children that had some sort of sexual abuse were 10% to 40% of children. Individuals who reported six or more adverse childhood experiences had an average life expectancy two decades shorter than those who reported none. People that were abused are more likely to have alcoholism, multiple sexual partners, drug abuse, and smoking and drinking at an early age. (“Child Abuse Statistics…”) This means that people who were abused have a shorter lifespan than those who were not abused. Most abuse is left unreported because the child is afraid of what will happen if their parent or guardian finds out that they had told someone. Children don 't ask to be abused and to be diagnosed with any type of disorders that they are diagnosed with due to child …show more content…
There are many consequences on the child because of child abuse, the punishment for child abuse, and the different types of child abuse. The only way to help these children is to enforce the laws and to help report the child abuse when it is seen. Having stricter laws would reduce the amount of child abuse taking place and the amount of children being taken into the foster system. Briere’s aunt had found her and her cousin in time before the sexual abuse got too far and her cousin was sent to jail. Autumn was taken out of her house and put into the foster system where she is now placed with a very loving family. Brittani is found by a close family friend and they tell child protective services where Brittani is sent to live with her grandma and grandpa, living healthy now. Madison’s mom found out about the emotional abuse and doesn 't allow her grandma around Madison. There are solutions to child abuse, people just have to report the things they see and to help the children in any way that they

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