Consequences And Effects Of The Cuban Revolution

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“You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.” These were the infamous words of Joseph Stalin, one of history’s most despised figures, regarding the events of the Soviet Revolution. Nevertheless, the context or man behind the quote do not take away from its significance. In his reference of the silk gloves, Stalin asserted that one cannot succeed in revolution without getting their hands dirty. The quotation portrays the imminence of the consequences that come with a revolution but also insists that a revolution should not be considered any less paramount because of these by-products. The essence of this quote can be applied to effects of the Cuban Revolution. Though there have been some rough patches in Cuba’s history due to the Revolution, …show more content…
He focused his efforts and resources first on bringing equality and improving the lives of the Cuban people. There were plans to improve and modernize Cuba’s infrastructure through changes in communications, healthcare facilities and education. Shortly after the revolution, the Agrarian Reform Laws were enacted. They regulated the total area of land that could be owned by a single person. Anyone that owned land in excess of the regulated amount had the extra land seized, it was then redistributed to peasants. Further, the laws prevented foreign investors from owning sugar plantations, decreasing foreign influence on the Cuban economy. It was clear in the early years after the revolution that the new government adhered to the needs of the people and stayed rooted in egalitarian principles. The immediate success of the Cuban revolution was a symbol of hope for all of Latin America. It served as an example to show that the gap between the rich and the poor can be bridged and that education, healthcare, and overall better living conditions were possible for the everyday

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