Consensual Relationship Case Study Essay

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Consensual Relationship Agreement

What is Consensual Relationship Agreement?
Workplace is one of the most important places in our lives. We spend about one-third to half our life in the workplace. In the workplace blossom many romances, but the break-up of relationships is a common source of sexual harassment claims. Consensual Relationship
Agreement (CRAs). Consensual relationship policy is an important tool in managing the risk of sexual harassment claims and reducing perceptions of favoritism. However, it must be considerately created and administered with care. I will analyze the concerns of CRAs at workplace, critics of CRA, the ethical intensity of CRSs from the perspective of the employer, specific ethical
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Identify the specific reasons and examples that might justify these criticisms.
They are intrusive because informing an employer of a relationship is getting into the personal life of an employee. CRAs can be ineffective because even after signing an employee could still break it without the company noticing, and when it gets to that point they become unnecessary.

From the prospective of the employer, I would believe that CRAs are very necessary.
Because on the job relationships are very likely to happen, and almost guaranteed so it is good to have a policy in place to address issues that may possibly arise from on the job relationships.
Also it protects the company from being sued by employees (example, favoritism).
From the prospective of the employee, I would not want to sign an agreement based on my personal relationship with a co-worker. I would want to keep the relationship private. In think if I did sign the CRA then my superiors and co-workers would then keep extra eyes on me to insure that I wasn’t breaking policy. That in the end would distract me from performing my job to the best of my ability.
Many workplace environments have many different diversities of cultured and backgrounds. It is vitally important to have ethical principles and policies.
One of the most important attributes for small business success, is the distinguishing quality of

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