Essay on Conscription Of The Vietnam War

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During the Vietnam War, conscription was prelevant within Australian society causing conflict society and challenging Australia’s stereotypical national identity. Conscription was a contributing factor to the Vietnam War moratoriums, as the lack of freedom and choice during this era, rallied large numbers of people against the Vietnam War. During the Cold War there were several stages of conscription for young men. It first started again in the 1960’s when in 1965 selective conscription was introduced to the army, for 20 year old men, they had to complete three years in the regular Army and two years part time in the Army Reserve. Selective conscription involved, “males having to register in January or July if their birthday fell in the next six months, these numbers were placed on marbles which were drawn at random until the numbers required for the army had been justified.” This was repeated for 8 years and caused extreme conflict during this period causing a loss in the number of males within society, affecting the workforce, families and social activities. This is an indication of the negative effect that anti-war movements can have as it did create tension over the nature of conscription as exemplified in the Moratoriums.
The national identity was threatened by this view of conscription as conscientious objectors were viewed as cowardly and weak at the beginning of the Vietnam War, although many rejected this social boundary. Part of the reason that there was less…

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