Reflection On Organizational Behavior For Mangers

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Understanding your personality type is vital to your success with working with other in your career, connecting with family at home and for critical thinking throughout our life. This was something I did not put a great deal of though into before starting the Organizational Behavior for Mangers course. I feel I am pretty confident in my behaviors in my career and was looking forward to picking up new techniques that I could put into play while leading others at work. During this weeks assessment of my personality, and it’s affects on my work-life balance, has opened my eyes to what kind of personality I display. The results will impact my profession moving forward and help me better understand myself, which will then help me understand others …show more content…
I believe I can be moderately extroverted at time. I am more extroverted once I have become familiar with my surroundings, office or workload in front of me. I am slow to warm up at time. This gives me an opportunity to listen and learn about what is happening before I move forward with a plan but once I am comfortable I tend to own whatever it is that needs to be done. I believe this also plays into my score on openness to experience. Although it can be stressful or even scary to gain new experiences, I believe you have to stop worrying sometimes and just jump. An example of this from my personal life was relocating my entire life across the county from the east coast to the west coast. I did not know anyone on the west coast, did not know what it would be like or how it would play out but in the end I was happy. It has been two years and I have become very comfortable with what I have built for myself.

This personality test has shown me my strengths, as well as my weaknesses. A weakness that I agree with from the results of this experience has been my area of opportunity with agreeableness and emotional stability. I can tend to be over competitive and not trust others to pull there weight. This lack of agreeableness and emotional stability leads to arguments and anxiety. Knowing this is an opportunity for me will help me work on myself in the future when problems arise at work. I must learn to take a step back, breath
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I am a self started and extremely organized. This helps me lead teams to success by having a vision in place. When you have a vision with a purpose it becomes easy to rally teams around a common goal. I keep a roadmap of our success with me and organize the measures we will need to take to get to our goal.

Everyone is different. How I approach a situation is going to be different that from how someone else would approach a problem. My person strengths and weakness can influence my job performance. By being organized and taking initiative I can lead teams to success in a clear manner that can prove results. If I can work on my weakness of emotional stability and agreeableness it will help me motivate and work better with others when things are working well and when they are not working well.

By understanding my personality type I am able to better understand my critical thinking skills. This will also help me sharpen my organizational behavior skills in the work place. This weeks personality assessment has provided clarity about my personality, how I can understand others personalities and how it can influence my workplace

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