Conscientiousness And Academic Performance

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Personality has been conceptualised from a variety of theoretical perspectives, and at various levels of abstraction and breadth. (John, Hampson, & Goldberg, 1991) In modern psychology, trait theories have been increasingly used to study human personality. Primarily, trait theorists have had a large focus on the measurement of these traits. Traits can be defined as the habitual patterns of behaviour, emotions and thoughts displayed by humans that are consistent in various situations. (Borghans, Duckworth, Heckman, & ter Weel, 2008) As this suggests, traits are consistent and do not drastically change over time and scenario. The most commonly used personality theories are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Big Five Factor Model. For the …show more content…
As long as they have motivation towards their learning and are efficient and organised (conscientious). It will also be shown that the more intellectual someone is the less conscientious they will be. Which is somewhat supported by previous research.

Figure 1. This shows the relationship between conscientiousness and academic performance. This also includes both p and r values for this data set. The below shows that there is a level of correlation between the two factors: conscientiousness and final grades. The r values shows that the two variables tend to increase together. Although it is not an overly strong correlation the p value of 0.03 shows that the data set is statistically significant. Despite this, it would be assumed that, if the hypothesis was correct, there would be a stronger positive trend in the data.

Figure 2. This shows the relationship between intellectual ability and academic performance. This also includes both p and r values for this data set. Figure 2 follows a similar trend to figure 1. Both the r and p values are very similar however; this graph appears to not have a definable trend. This graph is far more spread out among the different intervals than the other

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