Essay on Cons of the Vietnam War

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Vietnam War The Vietnam War, a war whose beginnings and causes were questionable. Some say it was necessary for the US to intervene others say that there was no need to shed innocent blood over something that could have been solved using words. As I researched this war I couldn’t help but to stop and really think about the reasons we entered the war. The beginning of the war started during World War Two, when Japanese forces invaded Vietnam forcing out the French influence. After the war Japanese forces refused to vacate Vietnam, therefore causing Vietnam’s future leader Ho Chi Mien to request foreign help. Ho Chi Mien requested help from both the US and China, and was successfully able to expel all
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The Viet Kong saw the US as another foreign invader and were determined to do their best to evict them.
The US was now fighting two enemies, one that was in plain sight and another that struck from within. This was because of the fact that the Viet Kong originated from the South part of Vietnam. This meant that those who the US thought were on their side were, secretly against them. Yet even after learning that they were not wanted the US refused to leave and further complicated things. The US deployed more and more troops in hopes that their structured military would b able to handle a far weaker army and a group of rebels. They were sadly disappointed when they realized that their soldiers had more than two enemies out in Vietnam. American Soldiers did not only have to worry about the NV or VK but also faced a number of other threats. The first major threat was the environment. Soldiers had an extremely hard time adapting to the terrain of this foreign land. Most soldiers were not use to the constant change in climate and the immense amount of mosquitoes all of which carried hundreds of infections.
If a soldier was able to survive the terrain and wild life of Vietnam, he next had to overcome the stress of not being able to see your enemy and the fear of imminent death. Most soldiers turned to drug use to ease up the nightmare they had been put into. This was facilitated be the great availability of marihuana and

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