Essay about Cons Of Social Networking Sites

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Extra Credit Wiki - Ethics: Cons of Social Networking Sites (Version 1)
Ethics: Cons of Social Networking Sites

Online Frequency

The average Unites States citizen spends between four to seven hours a day on social networks, media, and the Internet (Altschiller 204). Furthermore, seven out of ten young people log on to a social networking site daily, and eight out of ten text friends regularly (Cass 1). The Internet and social networks are useful resources, but when used in the wrong way they can be very detrimental and damaging. Children are the most affected; seven and a half million kids twelve and younger are currently on Facebook worldwide (Siegel 3). Thirty-six percent of males between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four years old text, call or post on social networks impulsively, whenever they have a free minute (Moses 1). The negative aspects of social networking sites particularly impair adolescents ' ability to learn and develop basic skills; cyber bullying and sexting are also rapidly increasing problems, and information posted online is never secure or private and can be used to hurt people.

Effects on Adolescent Development

Adolescents ' ability to learn safety and privacy, as well as their overall development, is negatively affected by social networks because children online lack the maturity and social skills needed to discriminate between what is and what is not appropriate to view and post. Common technologies like the…

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