Cons Of Smartphones

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With the evolution of technology, life has turned to be way easier than before. Talking about the two distinct generations, by this I mean those born before the digital era and the ones born in the digital era. Even today, the use old media like newspapers, television, etc. is pretty evident among both the generations but younger ones are more leaned towards the use of new media like the use of smart phones, iPad’s, Laptops, etc. as it helps them multitask.
Well, certainly if I think of the older generations or say if I think of my grandparents, they don’t support new media as much as we (younger generation’s) do. According to them, studying from books, reading, writing on pen and paper is the right way of studying. Using new media like laptop,
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I saw back home, in colleges and universities students often use phones to pass their time in certain lectures and nothing as productive. But here, I noticed most of them use their smartphones to gather more information or to have language translations and meanings, which according to me is productive thing. Smartphones is acting as a medium to eliminate the language barrier for most students. In a way its helping students improve and enhance their capabilities to learn and gain more knowledge by multi-tasking using smartphones. The article also mentions how Prensky argues that today’s students are more dependent on technology and process information within digital texts (Clary, 2013).
Every change has benefits and drawbacks. We (people) have to decide what is more important to us. With the advancement in technology, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. have being so popular and a vast majority of the people uses it today over old media. Which would continue to escalate even more in the near future. So, we (people) should not see technology as a negative impact to our learning, education and multitasking, rather we should embrace the benefits it has or can give

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