Capital Punishment In The United States

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Whenever someone asks if it is moral to commit murder, the answer would always be no, but if it was asked what the punishment should be for those persons, then the feedback would vary on the extreme levels. When the conditions are correct and the person found guilty through due process of law, their punishment should nearly always come down to capital punishment. Capital punishment is the execution of a criminal as a result of a crime, which is primarily murder but also includes treason, espionage, and a few others. Although many people believe that the implementation of capital punishment should not be used in the United States, I believe that it should be used more often as a punishment for severe crimes.
Capital Punishment, or the execution
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Capital punishment’s initial cost is varying throughout the states that allow such punishment but rests at an average of about $1 million per case whereas LWOP or life in prison without a chance for parole costs an average of $1.2-$3.6 million more than the cost of capital punishment depending on when the person commits the offense. This far outweighs the cost of prison but this is just from a financial standpoint, saving the United States more money that could go to much more important things like education and such. The cost of capital punishment is much higher than one would initially think and this is because of the time they are paid for as they sit on death row, which is basically like a prison for those who are sentenced to death. The costs of the death penalty could be significantly cut down if the time of death row were decreased, some of the longest cases being several years of waiting for an execution statement from the …show more content…
These suggest that the best way to go in America today is to increase the rate of capital punishments dealt out in our society for those criminals who qualify and are judged deserving by an assembled

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