Essay on Conrol Your Bp

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There are many global health issues impacting the international health community. One of the most severe global issues that causes death worldwide is the human immunosufficiency virus (HIV). HIV is considered to be one of the most severe communicable diseases worldwide. Unfortunately, it has become a global pandemic. This paper will serve to discuss HIV, the signs and symptoms, the mode of transmission, treatments, demographics and more. HIV was first reported in Africa in 1981. By 1987, HIV had spread to over one hundred countries. By 2001, HIV became the primary infection leading to death. It takes several years for someone with HIV to develop AIDS, in fact the latency period is ten years. Since 2008, the United Nation had estimated …show more content…
The second most common mode of transmission is parenteral transmission. This occurs when needles are shared with an individual infected with the virus. This can also occur by the transfusion of infected blood. It is imperative to screen blood to ease the risk of infecting someone else. Needle-stick injuries or contaminated needles are another source of infection amongst health care professionals. HIV can also be transmitted by mother to child. It has been estimated that over five million children worldwide have been infected with HIV. Ninety percent of HIV infections are caused by mother to child transmission. However, there has been a decrease in HIV positive babies as health care providers are able to identify potentially infected women and are able to administer antiretroviral medications to reduce transmission. There are many determinants that may cause the spread of HIV. The lack of knowledge and skills known to protect the community are common factors of becoming infected with HIV. Some countries are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection such as those countries who offer sex for work. HIV can spread rapidly in these countries as the wives or girlfriends of men who use sex workers or partners and are HIV positive. Groups that are at risk for becoming infected with HBV infection are at a higher risk for acquiring HIV. The epidemiologic triangle

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