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What effects do connotation, bias, and rhetoric have on the author’s argument, and how does it affect the audience? In the editorial “‘Boobies,’ the courts and free speech” by the Times Editorial Board the author uses connotation, bias, and rhetoric to help sway the audience toward believing in their side of the argument.
To start off, the author uses connotation a lot in his editorial. These are some examples of those words, “Constitutional rights, wrongly, disrespect, defiance, and disruption.” Just by adding those words into his editorial he put into the audience's head that what the author believes is what they should believe. Using strong emotional words does help with having the reader believe in the author’s argument.
With bias, the
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They could use facts or even do something emotional, and they chose to use facts. By using facts, that just made what the author believes be even more real and true to the reader. One example of this is, “In the landmark 1969 case Tinker vs. Des Moines School District, the court upheld the right of students to attend classes wearing black armbands to protest the Vietnam War. But an Aug. 5 decision by the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia involved a less solemn form of expressive adornment: a rubber bracelet bearing the message "I ♥ boobies! (Keep a Breast)" (Times Editorial Board). This is a fact that the author uses to make you understand the specific topics you can use free speech with. Another example would be, “By a 9­-5 vote, the appeals court ruled that two middle ­school girls were wrongly suspended for wearing the bracelets as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign promoted by the Keep A Breast Foundation” (Times Editorial Board). This example is stating that the two girls who got suspended for wearing the “I ♥ boobies” bracelets got punished for supporting women with a terminal illness. With rhetoric there are many ways to influence a reader, and those are just two examples of them.
The overall effect that connotation, bias, and rhetoric have on the audience is huge. By using all three of them you can influence the reader more than they would even believe. I know that when I read the editorial I believed what the author’s argument was because of the rhetoric and connotative words that they used. It made me interested in what they were saying and why. That’s why you should use connotation, bias, and rhetoric in your

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