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Conglomerate Inc. has teamed up with a PC manufacturer to create, produce and market a product that combines a Personal Digital Assistant (PCA) with a “smart” mobile phone. This new and innovative device will be called ConneCtor.

This report utilizes an excel software to run an analysis on the date collected and group the findings into appropriate clusters. From there, a specific cluster is identified as the ‘target’ cluster for the company to market the ConneCtor to.

This report highlights the benefits and concerns of the software utilized as well as allows for identification of the next steps for the development and marketing of ConneCtor.

This report is a summary of the information collected from the survey conducted by a hired market
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However, the information allows us to better understand the Business Professionals target. A characteristic that distinguishes the target is that they are not avid PC users but enjoy PC Magazine. Netlink could therefore go about targeting the cluster by advertising ConneCtors heavily through PC Magazine. It is also seen that the cluster is relatively evenly scattered throughout many occupations, thus the product could be marketed as an efficient device that provides the user with more time to complete their work.

Conducting this analysis has helped segment the market for ConnCtor in the following ways:
• First, the analysis groups individuals with similar characteristics together.
• The analysis also highlights the key differences between each of the clusters and shows the average of the characteristics in each segment.
• Utilizing the above information, the analysis allows ConnCtor to easily identify which cluster they would like to target based on the characteristics of the individuals within the cluster.
• The software allows for repetition of the analysis multiple times with as many or as few clusters as

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