How Is Fahrenheit 451 Related To Today

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A goldfish in a bowl of cichlids would be looked down upon by the cichlids simply because it is identified as different. Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury explains that story of Guy Montag, a firefighter, who sets fire to books instead of extinguishing them. After doing the job for quite some time, curiosity takes over as he begins to wonder just the exact reason why the books need to be destroyed. His interest takes him on a wild journey he would’ve never imagined. The similarities between today’s world and the novel’s world showcase a deeply significant message for readers that take the time to digest each and every word. Technology pressures society to conform by making individuality a social outcast, insuring that everyone is equal, …show more content…
Equality is crimeless except when it interferes with the future generation of the world. Guy knows nothing of what content lays inside the books he sets fire to because he is well aware that they are illegal. In the back of his mind, he can’t help but ponder about the reasoning behind why they are banned, and sneaks a book into his coat pocket during a work call. Beatty, the fireman chief, notices that something strange is up with Guy, and stops over at his house one day to converse. Beatty discovers Guy sick in bed, and he knows the precise cause of it. Very subtly, Beatty describes how every single fireman goes through a phase where they get an itch to explore what is inside the books, and decides that it’s time to tell him the real story behind them. The answer Beatty claims is straightforward and honest: “We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against” (Bradbury 55). By burning all of the books, the firemen are burning knowledge. With no knowledge, one man cannot be smarter than another. Every single person will know the same facts and information, so that one who is not at the same level as another will not feel inferior. The government thinks that by getting rid of all of the books that people find offensive or despise will lead them straight on a path towards happiness. They want everyone to think alike and be simplistic. Books that disagree can change this. As Guy winds up on the outskirts of town and clashes with a group of men, he uncovers that he isn’t the only one that is desperate to know what is inside of books. All of the men fled the town scared that the government would take away their knowledge. They came up with a solution to

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