Connections Between Religion And Morality Essay

1167 Words May 22nd, 2016 null Page
Connections between religion and morality have been a debated upon for thousands of years. Jews believe that only themselves are joined in covenant with god. Muslims often look at non-believers as dangerous because of sections in the Qur 'an. Christian took it upon themselves to proselytize the surrounding pagan religions, their beliefs were that the other religions were heretical. A lot of religious beliefs, but not all, add connotations to those of different beliefs. Beliefs range from those who do not follow their own god are unable to have morals. That may have not be as apparent in modern days as it was in the older times, but even today some leftovers of those type of ideologies still exist. Does the belief that those with different religions or beliefs behave differently or think any differently have any merit? Does religion and morality have a connection, and if so how? A way of trying to get closer to being able to answer those questions would be to investigate the studies and experiments that have been done surrounding the topic. A number of the sources throughout my research paper are projects comparing American Christians to American non-religious. The idea behind most of the projects are trying to find differences between the two groups.
One such experiment was published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, an academic peer reviewed journal. Before the experiment, the hypothesis that they decided upon was that increased church involvement and community…

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