Congressional Election Taking The Position Of The State 's Democratic Party Chair

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In this paper, I will be looking at Missouri’s upcoming congressional elections taking the position of the state’s Democratic party chair and deciding which races deserve my strong support and which ones do not. Since this is true, I will be taking a close look at the the eight candidates running to represent Missouri at the U.S. House of Representatives. I will evaluate the runner’s candidacies based on which ones are more important than others, which candidates are better positioned to become congressman and who has enough support from their constituencies to be able to win. Even though I would like to support all the Democratic candidates running for these positions, so we can retake control of the House, some candidates are better than others because of the reasons stated above. First, I will begin by explaining those candidates I choose not to support, which ones were hard to decide for, and I will end by explaining why the one’s I support are prioritized over the rest of the candidates. To begin, I’m going to state the candidates that won’t receive any of my support. These candidates are the following: Kevin Miller (District 3), Davis Blackwell (District 6), Genevive Williams (District 7) and Dave Cowell (District 8). Kevin Miller is running against a Republican incumbent named Blaine Luetkemeyer, who has been in Congress in 2008, and has had little electoral competition since he got elected (Schlinkmann 2016). The Lake News Online has actually said that Luetkemeyer…

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