Congress Needs A Radical Transformation Essay

1956 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
In my view, Congress needs a radical transformation, which instead reflects the will of the people. To improve the lawmaking process will take several different ideas to not only improve the effectiveness of passing the bills, but also the quality of those bills. Does it focus on helping ordinary hard working Americans, or do these bills only provide much more leeway for the top 1 percent of this country? Those are the critical questions that in my view will help drastically improve the lawmaking process for all of America.
Congress needs to represent the people and as of today it still fails to do so by representing only a majority of white people. “In fact, most of Congress consists of white males, who are over 50 years old and were lawyers or businessmen before taking office.” Both the House and Senate have several weaknesses that are different, but some are common in both chambers, but I think there are several which stand out more clearly than others. For example, one weakness that I see in both chambers when it comes to the lawmaking process is that there are no term limits for either chamber. This destroys the effectiveness of good quality bills that reflect the constituents all across America. I do understand that the argument against term limits is the fact, that some state like in Powell vs McCormack, “the people should choose whom they please to govern them”, but in this day and age several things have changed. Theoretically, yes, Congress should represent its…

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