Confucius : The Golden Age Of China Essay

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Confucius lived at a time when China was warring among itself. He was saddened by what he saw happening in China and wanted China to be united and great again. I do not believed Confucius sat out to be one of China’s greatest philosopher. He only wanted to return China to its glory, what he considered to be the golden age of China. Confucius wanted to bring back the upright moral values that the Zhou Dynasty modeled. Confucius believed that if he can find an emperor that will adopt his teachings they will maintain the Tianming or the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven was very important at those times since the Duke of the Zhou made a speech explaining that heaven gave a family the right to rule and that Dynasties should rule morally or they will lose the privilege to rule by divine right. The Duke of the Zhou made this speech to explain that the Shang Dynasty no longer had the Mandate of Heaven and shouldn’t rule because they were cruel to the people and the ruler had unvirtuous behavior. The Mandate of Heaven remained a central part of the political system of China even after the Zhou Dynasty lost power. The Zhou Dynasty was considered an example of proper governing in China. Because, the Zhou Dynasty had such a strong influenced in being moral and proper, the people respected them. Confucius thought that if he can find an emperor who would emulate the virtuous behaviors of the Zhou Dynasty they will receive the Mandate of Heaven and bring order to…

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