Confucius And The Followers Of His Religion Essay

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In Watson’s depiction, “Zhuangzi’s: Basic Writings” Confucius and the followers of his religion, Confucianism, are depicted as fools in Zhuangzi’s perspective because their views contrast with those of Daoist traditions and customs. Confucius taught and spread the ideas of societal structure, rather than to be in tune with the Tao, and hence focused more so on oneself. Throughout Watson 's depiction, Zhuangzi illustrates Daoist traditions and how they are implemented, along with criticism of Confucius and how he is portrayed in a negative light.
Confucius passed away in the 4th century B.C. Thus, leaving the world with his idealistic thoughts, views, and teachings revolving around individual relationships, virtue of self, and a cultivation of knowledge. Each of which he believed were the fundamental building blocks for a well shaped society. A century after the great Chinese philosopher left us, a new teacher emerged, Master Zhuangzi, who taught a philosophy of skepticism. “…he believed they were ills only because man recognized them as such.” (Zhuangzi, p. 11). The new master questioned several basic principles, shining a light on the contrasting views that had yet to have been discussed, thought of, not to mention taught. It is difficult to thoroughly understand what Zhuangzi is trying to precisely shine a light on, due to how vague and unprecedented his meaning of words are. "...since Zhuangzi, deliberately turns the values of words upside down, how are we ever to know…

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