Daoism And Confucianism Essay

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China is now in chaos. The people have been fighting and quarrelling for the past 250 years. Millions of people have been killed, and someone needs to restore order and keep the peace. This is a difficult task to complete, as the people are like a pack of ravenous wolves after a quarter-of-millennium long war. However, there is one particular solution that might work for China. I propose that the emperor should adopt legalism as his ruling philosophy, as the strict law and harsh punishments put in place will create and maintain a just, stable, and effective society for China.

The reason that the emperor should adopt legalism as his philosophy is because there will be little crime and little insubordination because of the strict laws and
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Or has Han Feizi says it “ To try to govern the people of China with benevolence and lenient measures is like to drive a wild horse without reins”--Han Feizi. This means that establishing a government with Daoist and Confucian beliefs will be terrible for governing the people of the Warring States. Daoism and Confucianism are philosophies that believe in teaching, love, simplicity, which means that these beliefs cannot control the chaotic people of the China, let alone form a government and maintain society. Also, there have been examples of dynasties with Daoist and Confucian ideologies that failed. One example is the Han dynasty, which ruled with mainly Confucian and some Daoist beliefs. It ruled China with no problems until the end of the first century AD, when emperors died without producing heirs, therefore leaving the throne to their cousins or close relatives. This left people to come up with cunning schemes to overthrow the emperor. In 184 AD, a mostly peasant uprising against the government took place called the Yellow Scarves Uprising, threatening the imperial capital. A warlord named Dong Zhou seized the throne and put a child puppet ruler who a member of the Han family. Battles raged between both the rebels and the Han family until the entire dynasty collapsed in 220 AD. The Han dynasty failed because they wanted to teach people to do good instead of punishing people who acted wrongly. They wanted to leave people alone instead closely following them. However, this example taught us some people cannot be taught and if left alone, overthrow the entire society. This is one of the many reasons why Daoism and Confucianism are not effective societies for

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