Chinese Political System

The contemporary Chinese society is very different from the traditional one though some of the features are inherited.

One of the biggest differences is that the feudal political system is greatly different from today’s separation of powers. The way to maintain the balance in politics has a vast change that the government leaders (the Emperor, the President, or the Chief Executive) of the state no longer enjoy the superior status. In ancient China, the powers of the emperors come from the ‘Heaven of Mandate’, as mentioned in the chapters. That is to say, they are with the support of the Chinese gods. When the quality of the emperor greatly falls, and loses the ability to maintain the balance of the state; people could rebel and establish a new government. In modern Chinese society, however; the powers are not concentrated at the government leader. The harmony can be attained by a different constitutional system such as the separation of powers in Hong Kong.
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Such change of political system implies the change fundamental way of thinking. Even without a revolution, the change of government policies has lots of influence on the society. For instance, in Han Dynasty, Confucianism was adopted as the official doctrine for citizens to follow. Afterwards, Confucius values has a very big impact on its culture in which people regarded Confucianism as the moral guides. But what makes it the important is that other differences are originated from the political change. The cancellation of the imperial examination system brought the change of the social class structure. The gentry scholars are no longer the role models since the change in politics brings more possibilities and freedom to citizens in modern societies. At the same time, a more liberal political system could gradually bring the change of ideas like the expectation towards women. Therefore, I think it is the most important

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