Confucianism and Judge Dee Essay

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Confucianism and Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

Celebrated cases of Judge Dee, a detective novel which describes crime cases which happened in China during the Tang Dynasty, in the 7th Century. In the book Judge Dee is a well known magistrate of Chang Ping, whom and is famous for solving crime and maintaining justice, particularly amongst common the Chinese People. In the book, Judge Dee is faced with three murders. As Judge Dee begins solving the crimes, the story unfolds slowly and presents historical, social, legal, philosophical and even religious pictures of ancient China. Tang Dynasty China was a period in which society was strongly influenced by Confucianism, due strongly to the previous influence of the Han Dynasty. These
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When caught, the merchant placed all blame on someone else. The relationship portrayed between these two merchants, according to Confucianism, is one between friends (Confucius states that friends should be straight, honest, trustworthy and well informed in order to benefit in life). However, the merchant Shao thought differently. Instead of being a trustworthy and honest friend, he ruins the relationship between friends, and commits the murder, thus creating chaos in society.

Another murder case n the story takes place in Huanghua village. A woman, Mrs Djou, had an affair with Mr. Hsu. Later Mrs Djou murdered her husband Bee Husn in order to have Mr. Hsu marry her. Mrs. Djou even gives her little daughter drugs so that her daughter cannot tell on her. Mrs. Bee, Mr.s Djou’s mother in law, had been ill since the time of her son’s death, though Mrs. Djou neglected this fact and did not try to take care of her. These behaviors broke three principles of the right relationships. First, Mrs. Djou committed a severe crime of killing her husband, and broke the relationship between a husband and a wife. Also, she gave drugs to her own daughter, ruining the relationship between the parent and the child. A mother should be a good model and take care of her child, but she failed to do that. Moreover, she ignored Mrs. Bee’s

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