Confucianism And Its Impact On China Essay

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Confucianism: The Gateway to Communism in China China is a country of many cultures and religions dating back centuries. There have been numerous religions and in those religions have been many varieties. In addition to the plethora of religious ideologies, China has been governed in various ways throughout history too. Family dynasties controlled China for most of its history up until modern times. However, religions have impacted the way dynasties ruled and these religious influences have lasted longer than dynasties. Confucianism prepared the rise of Communism and its success in China through beliefs, practices, and common themes.
In order to compare both, first it is important to get a short understanding of both. Confucianism arose in early China when its founder, Confucius, was born in 551 BCE (Peter Dass). Confucius was a teacher, not a prophet or deity. Confucianism was about the “development of human virtues within relationships with others” (Fisher 150). In a basic understanding, Confucianism was about the relationship between one’s self and everything and everyone he or she interacts with. Confucianism puts a big emphasis on the virtue of an individual and the knowledge of Confucians studies. Communism was a political ideology in which the government had total control of all property, people, and everything in between. Communism leaves no choice to the people. The state controlled everything that people did in order to have complete control. The beliefs of…

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