Confucianism : An Effective Way Of Evangelizing The Believers Of Confucianism

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Confucianism is one of the biggest religions in East Asia established by孔夫子 (Kong Fu Zi), so called Confucius. Started from Ancient China, it has long been a framework of East Asian society and a key to decipher the culture. As a part of the East Asian culture, the religion served as a basis for the shared values and it shaped the thought. This paper will analyze the worldview, beliefs, practices, and symbols in relations to Christianity with an intention to suggest an effective way of evangelizing the believers of Confucianism.
During the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China, the political and social order was not on the dictionary of the people. It was the time of confusion and chaos with the hundreds of war for the power. Confucius was a philosopher and a strategist advising the leaders to better rule the states. Confucius accepted the old Chinese tradition and the concept of God that Chinese people had at the time. Similar to Jesus, Confucius wrote no books but his followers compiled his teaching into five classics and four books. The sacred text are five classics including Book of History, Book of Changes, Spring & Autumn Annals, Book of poetry and Classic of rites, and four books including The analects, Book of Mencius, The great learning, Doctrine of the mean.According to Confucius, there is no actual divine being that rules the whole universe. The sky, 天 (Tiān) is a concept of universal rule that is different to the concept of heaven in Christianity. For…

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