Conformity And How It Affects The Lives Of People Essay

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The lives of people in different societies are governed by a set of rules that involve preserving attitudes and behaviors that are perceived to be good for the community. This leads to a situation where people cannot exercise their free will as they have to conform to different rules in the society. The society can enforce rules of conformity that lead to oppression and poor relationships among people. This is seen in some situations in the Scarlet letter. The story rotates around the life of Hester who had a child out of wedlock and the punishment she had to face from members of the society (Hawthorne 53). The quote on Self-Reliance by Emerson resonates with the characters and situations in the Scarlet letter. This paper critically analyses the issue of conformity and how it affects the lives of people in the society.
In the essay of self-reliance, Emerson goes into intricate details on how the lives of people are bound by different features and rules in the society. The piece brings out the fact that individuals in the community have to conform to ideologies that are against the will and values of people. The society has become a dominant and negative force in the lives of individuals around the world. This is because it is being used to advocate for behaviors and practices that limit the freedom of people. The quote, "Society everywhere is in a conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members...the virtue in most request is conformity" (Emerson…

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