Conflicts in "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Essay

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The movie “The Boy in Striped Pajamas” is filled with conflict. The movie is take place in Germany, during World War II. Bruno is the main character, he is a nine-year-old boy and his family moves from Berlin to a new home. Bruno’s father is a SS Commandant and is assigned to take command of a prison camp. He gets promoted to commandant of Auschwitz. Bruno explores off into the woods to where it is off limits. He stumbles across this fenced off area and sees a young boy about his age. Bruno goes up to this little boy. He is dirty looking, no shoes, and is wearing striped pajamas. The child’s name is Shmuel. The two start talking and becomes very close friends. Bruno is very curious about what Shmuel. Why is he there, how he got …show more content…
The family run towards the camp and sees the hole the Bruno had dug. The go into the camp and search for him but when they realize that Bruno is in gas chamber it was too late. The mother experiences internal conflict. She watches the Jewish men from the camp, where her husband works, working around the house. She knows the way that they are being treated is wrong, but she knows it would be wrong if she says anything to her husband. Her husband is proud of his success, she knows that everything he is doing is not right. If she says anything to him it would hurt him and he may have lashed out at her. The external conflict is when Bruno goes into the camp and he goes into the gas chamber. The father has to live with the fact, that his involvement with the camp has killed his own son. His decision about having the Jews being sent to the gas chambers, all led to his son’s death. There is moral conflict involved throughout the movie. Bruno gives Schmuel some cake and gets caught. Bruno tells the guy that Schmuel that he had stole it. Schmuel gets beat up because of that. Bruno knew that he might get in trouble if he said he gave him the cake but he told the lie anyways. Bruno knew it was wrong he did that and later tries to make up for it when he helps Shmuel try to find his father. The mother experiences moral conflict. The entire movie she is upset about the camp that her husband is in charge of. She finally tells him how she feels about it, she knows that

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