Conflicts Are A Common Of The Business World Essay

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Conflicts are very common in the business world. Furlong (2005) stated that the circle of conflict helps to diagnose and list the causes of your conflict situation using the five drivers; Values, relationships,moods/external, data, and structure. The challenge is getting to the solution. In the company I currently work, my store had a problem with meeting the company objectives as it pertains to out-of-stocks. One of the biggest offenders was the grocery department. We had over 800 plus out-of-stock in the grocery department alone. I decided to have a conversation with my grocery manager to figure out the problem. During the meeting, I open the floor to see what was the obstacle he was up against to get the job done. After him stating the problem, I then pointed out the problems I observed. He then got very defensive and stated that he felt that he was being singled out. Explained to him that I was nothing against him personally, it was just business and meeting the company expectations. Two weeks later, I revisited the department to see what improvement was made. After assessing the department, we found that nothing had been accomplished. We decided to meet with him again take a disciplinary action. Again like the previous meeting, he accused management as harassment. We then reassured him that it was not harassment. When presenting the CA, he refused to sign and stated that he would contact the union. We decided to give him more clear expectations and even walk him…

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