Conflicts And Similarities Between Hillary Clinton And Donald J. Trump

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Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are keeping the American people on the edge of their seats because of the conflicts and similarities between them. It is during Hillary Clinton 's and Donald J. Trump 's rallies, the three debates, and their social media sites that they both show their words and actions that have been taking place in the course of the campaign and prior to the campaign trails. Clinton is the United States democratic presidential candidate, and Trump is the republican candidate. The Republican Party was molded by the former great leader, President Lincoln, the first Republican Party President of the United States of America. Furthermore, the Democratic Party was started by former President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. …show more content…
Trump’s accomplishments can relate back to what they believe is best for the United States of America. Hillary Clinton wants abortion on demand to every woman. Clinton believes that the fetus has no rights because it is not a human until it is out of the mother’s womb. According to Donald J. Trump in the last presidential campaign debate, “Abortion is just wrong, wrong, wrong.” Trump hates the whole idea of abortion is just immoral and horrible in his opinion. Trump wants to repeal Obamacare because he feels like it is causing the United States more harm than good. However, Clinton believes it is helping the middle class and lower class Americans. Clinton wants same-sex marriage legalized in all states, while Trump believes that marriage is between one man and one woman to be joined as one. Clinton wants to keep Common Core in the school systems because she believes it is the way to educate children and young adults better. Trump’s opinion on the topic was that education needs to be local. Trump’s opinion on school vouchers is that are needed, although Clinton disagrees. Clinton wants the United States to welcome illegal aliens for amnesty, while Trump wants to build a tall wall between the border of Mexico and the United States. He wants background checks on all aliens. If the background check on the alien has a negative effect on the United States, the alien must be deported back to his country. Clinton proclaimed to Des Moines Register in an interview that, “I will get the NRA shut down for good if I become president. If we can ban handguns, we will do it.” Clinton wants Americans to give up their rights to bear arms because she feels as if it will create a safer environment. Trump feels as if Americans need to get background checks before getting an armed weapon and to let American’s have the right to bear arms. Clinton is for Iran Nuclear Deal, yet Trump disagrees with the Iran Nuclear Deal. Trump wants to defund Planned

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