Conflicting Reward Systems And Their Impact On Criminal Justice Administration

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Conflicting Reward Systems and Their Impact on Criminal Justice Administration

Motivation is an important aspect of the administration of a police department. Officers with high morale will be more apt to apprehend criminals, enforce traffic laws, and deter criminal activity. This paper discusses the was reward systems can affect criminal justice administrations especially within the ranks of a police department.
As a supervisor and commander of various units with a police department, maintaining morale was extremely important. Having officers who are excited about working and understand that the administration supported their efforts kept officers from excessive leave time, retained officers, and provided a solid work performance that deterred criminal activity. Being able to reward an officer for a job well done provided motivation to that officer as well as those surrounding him due to their acknowledging that they were making a difference within their community and the bosses were noticing the effort. A lot of times good work was overlooked by supervisors and commanders due to the constant workload of implementing plans and procedures on a daily basis. “A primary reason why most supervisors do not more frequently reward and recognize police employees is that they think they lack the time and creativity to come up with ways to do it” (Whisenand, 2007, pg. 146).
The typical police officer has an internal system that allows the officer to feel an accomplishment when he…

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