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‘Conflicting perspectives are the result of individual desires. Manipulation and distortion are used in the attempt to achieve a desired end.’ The notion of “Conflicting Perspectives” embodies a clash of opposing viewpoints and accepts that different people will always have different perspectives of themselves, others and the world around them. A clash of viewpoints, stemming from individuals seeking to affirm the correctness of their perspective over those put forward by others regardless of

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Martin was a young 17 year old African-American, who was a college football player that was gunned down in Sandford Florida USA, by 28 Hispanic man George Zimmerman. Debate about whether Zimmerman’s actions were racially motivated or in self defence is still questionable. These recent tragedies have brought to light the unacceptable gun laws which America still won’t change after pressure from around the world to get strict on the sales and ownership of a firearm. The saying ‘Buying a firearm in America is like buying groceries’, refers to the sale of firearms is like buying groceries at your local supermarket. Thanks to this case Zimmerman has again sparked the debate on laws regarding firearms and the blurred racial lines which still exist today.
Many well known figures such as Al Sharpton and Bill O’Reilly have used this case to add ‘fuel to the fire’ in an attempt to stir things up, for example the ‘white vs. Black’ or the ‘us vs. them‘mentality. Since Trayvon’s death, there have been outcries for Barrack Obama to tighten the laws on firearms and the change of the “Stand your ground” law in Florida, where if you felt you were in a life threatening situation the use of lethal means would be accepted instead of retreating. The night Martin was shot dead; he was wearing a hoody jumper and baggy jeans. This type of clothing would be classified as “Gangster clothing”, well known athletes such as Lebron James and his basketball team
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