Conflicting Perspectives Essay

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Thesaurus definitions for: * Conflict * Perspective * Formed/shaped * outcome
Throughout our lives we take on certain views on events, situations and people in our lives. These are formed from the positive or negative outcomes of experiences that we encounter. Society’s views on certain issues and the views of those around us influence the outcomes of those experiences. David Guterson’s novel, “Snow Falling on Cedars” and Shaun Tan and John Marsden’s picture book, “The Rabbits” both portray conflicting perspectives that are shaped from past events.
Different experiences of the same event can cause conflicting perspectives. This is the case for Ishmael and Kabou in “SFC”.
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The use of flashbacks allows the reader to experience Ishmael’s experience of the war which is portrayed through the strong use of descriptive and coarse language. The way David uses a lot descriptive language such as, “brain leaked out… started to bleed to death…dug on his knee with an entrenching tool…” gives the reader a clear vision of how the situation was during his times in the war. This also enables the readers to see the effectiveness of the coarse language such as, “Fucking Japs… Japanese bitch”. This use of coarse language enables the reader to witness the change in his inner perspectives. Linking with Ishmael, Hatsue’s perspectives are also changed through the World War 2 event through which she had to stay in an internment camp.
However, Hatsue’s change in perspective is different to that of Ishmael’s as her experiences and emotions from the internment camp didn’t ultimately give her negative impacts but an experience of self realization and finding ‘true love’. Gutterson’s consistent use of dialogue through chapter 15 enables the reader to experience Hatsue’s self realization. When Hatsue’s mother questions about her future with Ishmael Chambers Hatsue states, “‘we were children together…I always knew, deep inside, it was wrong’ “.Through this it’s clearly evident that her experiences through the war had enabled her to become someone who

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