Essay on Conflicting Goals and Processes

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Conflicting goals are always a potential in an internal environment; however, there are underlying factors in which goals can, and at times do, conflict, especially when it comes to employee development. There can be conflict between the goals of innovation and change and productivity, but this is most likely a management issue more than a flaw in either goal. It is important to keep in mind there are always alternatives to resolving conflicts. When setting goals, one must look at the cost, duration, flexibility, as well as the permanence it has among employees. Additionally, the goals that a company sets may be overwhelming for employees. Employees, as well as managers, will need to be aware of the different dynamics the goals may cause …show more content…
Next attempting to determine how their goals represent what they stand for as well as evaluate what outcomes they hope to achieve. One would need to evaluate how well the organization has done at achieving their goals. Also evaluating factors such as how long it took to achieve such goals and what methods were used to achieve them.
Having reviewed the goals of the department, I would prepare a survey for various groups of stakeholders, such as the city council and the chamber of commerce. Survey results would be evaluated carefully, and overall effectiveness of the police department would be determined on the basis of these surveys. Satisfaction of key stakeholders is important due to the significance of maintaining the public’s confidence in the police force.

Organization activities that are likely to be outsourced are the functions that are tedious and time consuming. Simple tasks such as filing documents, placing calls, and back office work are handled by this type of subsidiary know as outsourcing. Many large corporations from Halliburtion to the Los Angeles Police Department use outsourcing to not only reduce cost but also save time. Larger corporations are taking daily tasks that are consuming a portion of their day to utilize personal outsourcing to complete the tasks at cost.
The goal is not to put all tasks on managers or

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