Conflict Essay

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An Analysis of a Conflict

Abstract In this paper my main concern was to analyze a negotiation that I was personally involved in, which did not go very well. In the first part of the paper, I identified and explained the situation and admitted what did not work in the negotiation. The remainder of the paper is focused on the plan for the re-do. After analyzing the original negotiation I realized what I did wrong and based on that I prepared a plan which indicated how I should have behaved and how to negotiate next time if something like that would happened again.

Introduction Life is like a field trip where we learn little by little every single day of this journey. There are many ways of how we are finding more things
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People perceive fights differently. Sometimes conflicts are identified with pain, fear, heat, and anger because both parties forget about ability to negotiate. Individuals should focus on resolving the negotiation with the desire outcome for both sides. However, some individuals struggle to deal with a conflict; others ignore it and let it grow bigger. It is very common that people use ineffective ways to stop the argument and resolve the conflict. However, we need to be aware that effectively negotiating and influencing each other can lead us to our personal growth as well as positive outcome.

An Analysis of a Conflict

The negotiation that I was personally involved in happened few weeks ago. I was trying to negotiate with my manger about being able to leave earlier twice a week so I can take two classes in order for me to graduate faster. Unfortunately, my manger did not approve it. She said since I am the Lead Teller it is my responsibility to be flexible and help them out to close the branch every day. The option that she presented to be was that I can leave once a week earlier than usually which mean that I could only take one class. Also, my manager mentioned that I was hired for closing shift, which was not true. She never stated during the hiring process that I will be closing every day. I remember tough that we had a conversation about my school schedule and I informed her that I will have to leave

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