Conflict Essay

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“Conflict causes growth as well as loss in people's lives”

Conflict has the ability to cause both growth and loss in people’s lives. The loss of dignity, beliefs, humanity and possessions can be a result of conflict. Conflict also provokes growth in individuals in personal relationships, maturity, understanding and compassion can be hastened by conflict. Conflict can affect anyone at any time and we are all bound to experience it. No matter how hard we try avoiding it, it will always be a part of our journey through life due to our separate set of ideas, beliefs and values as individual human beings. In some cases, the conflict experienced can strengthen the value or moral already held and reinforce our beliefs.

In some circumstances
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It can be as dreadful or as helpful as external conflict with other people, but nonetheless still produces the same results as external conflict- it reveals our true values. When faced with two different desires or goals that clash, we are often forced to follow one and forget the other. This in itself reveals one’s true values and what they are most passionate about. In The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a novel and movie written and directed by Mohsin Hamid and Mira Nair, the main character Changez experiences inner conflict when he is torn between following his American dream of becoming an employee at Underwood Samson or staying true to his Pakistani culture, family, and heritage. After 9/11 and the kidnapping of an American citizen, Changez realises that both parties were now at war and that he could not remain both a “lover of America” and a Pakistani. This conflict channels uncertainty in Changez about where he belongs and pushes him to pick a side- Americans or Pakistani’s. His final decision of staying true to his culture and “having a commitment to himself” reveals his true values and where his heart really lies- with his culture and with the people he started out with. Though sometimes the decision of choosing a side and neglecting the other can be challenging and quite difficult, it is what comes with the experience of conflict. Our true selves will be disclosed during these encounters, regardless of

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