Conflict in Kosovo Essay

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Conflict in Kosovo
Kosovo noted as a former territory, and an area that was previously ruled by Serbia was declared as well as attained independence in February 2008. However, tracing back from February 1998 to June 1999, historians notes that the occurrence a war which was characterised as an armed conflict was evident in Kosovo (Dreyer, 12). The Kosovo war is highlighted to involve the “Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” as well as “Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)” as the main fighting parties (Dreyer, 12). Apart from the fore mentioned, a treaty organisation that involves the “North Atlantic Treaty Organisation(NATO)” was also involved especially in March 1999 as well as Albanian Army group
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Political aspect in the Kosovo Conflict
Historian indicates that in the attempt of the Serbian special police and the Yugoslav armed forces to regain contour over the Kosovo region, the army as well as the police officer committed atrocities consequently leading to the refugees running out of the area and occasionally the situation became a well-known public issues through the use of international media (Dreyer, 3). Following the fore mentioned, an informal collation that comprised of the Unite States, France, Russia as well as Italy and the Great Britain order the Yugoslav as well as the Serbian forces to strictly and total withdrawal from Kosovo (Dreyer,2). Further to mention, although Milosevic the then president of Yugoslavia agreed to meet the informal coalitions demand, Milosevic did implement his words and, as a result, the “Kosovo Liberation Army” is noted regroup as well as rearm and consequently renewing the attacks (Bideleux, 3). Building on from the idea that the Kosovo conflict had already gained international concern, and also being refer to as a humanitarian war severally, the conflict is noted to have ended with the intervention of the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” (Dreyer, 23).
Ethnicity within the Kosovo Conflict
Ethnicity is characterised as a major feature in the Kosovo conflict. As Bideleux (1) argues that the

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