Personal Conflict Management Style

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Force is usually thought to be the most effective way to get what you want. You think standing your ground is the best way to convince the other party to agree with your position. Arguments or disagreements with parents on the other hand, must be resolved in a way that helps them understand that your goals are just as important as theres regardless of their parental power. Honor your goals as equally as your relationship with your parents when it comes to interpersonal conflicts. My goal is to assess and analyze my personal conflict management style through my unresolved conflict with my parents concerning my upcoming summer plans, with the purpose of collaborating to create a plan we can mutually agree on.

My relationship with my parents
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To compromise is to seek middle ground, meaning that even though both parties will gain something they wanted from the start, they both must give up something in return. My parents are in the process of finding new living accommodations because they sold the house in which we lived for most of my life. With this in mind, I suggested that if they chose to reside in Washington in a town called Bellingham (a town I personally favor over any of the locations they are thinking of) I would consider coming home for the summer. In addition to purchasing some sort of living arrangement in Bellingham, I would want to come back to a Hawaii a few weeks before fall semester begins. My conflict management style in this situation is compromise because I told my parents I would really consider coming home for the summer if they were willing to make it more desirable for me to come home, which meant choosing a home in Bellingham. This demonstrates compromising because if they moved to Bellingham, my needs would be met, which would then entice me to come home and satisfying their need of having me home for the summer. My parents conflict management style is also compromise because they proposed that if they were to choose to reside in Bellingham for the summer I would have to take online classes through the University while also taking on a part-time job. This demonstrates compromising because they are willing to give me what I need to be satisfied, which is to reside in Bellingham, if I am willing to satisfy their needs of taking online classes while living at

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