Essay on Conflict With Healthy Diet Views

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Conflict with Healthy Diet Views

I will be using the 5 Whys technique to help solve the conflicts that sometimes arise when discussing what is healthy and not healthy foods to eat. This is a common conflict and most people involve have different opinions based on their knowledge, experiences, age and culture. The conflict arose with myself and three different family members over the past year. Without getting specific on exactly who, I’ll use names, sister A, sister B and brother C.

Let’s start the 5 Whys technique with sister A, with the conflict of opinion of milk (cow) being healthy for adults. Sister A was visiting and my wife and I last year and as everybody was deciding what to drink with lunch, my sister chose milk and added the comment, “I love milk, and drink it daily”. Me, knowing my sister, assumed that what she was also implying was milk was a healthy drink to include in your daily diet. My response was actually, milk isn’t too healthy to drink daily and adults don’t have much benefit for milk. This is where the conflict began and her response was I grew up knowing it was good for you. Well, she grew up with me and for many years, that was my thought too. So the first why is the difference in milk being healthy. We had the same belief, so what changed my mind was information read in the past 10-12 years on healthy diets which included criticisms on drinking milk. Why did we both believe this growing up? This was due to limited studies on the…

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