Conflict Theory View Women Essay

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Gender is the state of being male or female, typically used with reference to social and cultural differences, rather than biological ones (Oxford Dictionary. 2013). Conflict theory view women as the most disadvantaged of the genders because of the power inequalities that exist between men and women, that are built into todays social structure. (Anderson, M.L. and Taylor, H.F. 2009). Such as the inequalities with pay, even though the equal pay act was passed in 1963, women still on average earn 19.7% less than men (Cameron, D. and Wilkinson, A. 2014).

Whilst education is the process of learning new skills and knowledge that usually prepares people for further education or work. For both boys and girls the education process is different and provides them with different skills for later life. (Parsons) explains that education is part of a meritocracy that teaches and installs values into children, whilst also being a form of secondary socialization. Education gives students the skills for moving forward into the economy such as literacy, numeracy and IT, which will be needed to progress into the workplace. (Durkheim) believes that education is a way to create social solidarity, a sense of community and cooperation. Although Marxists such as (Althusser, 1971) describe education as an ideological tool of oppression that reproduces an obedient and efficient workforce, keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor. This essay will examine the difference in education between boys and…

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