Conflict Styles Of Conflicts

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Conflict Styles
At one point or another every person has face a conflict in their life. A conflict is an expressed struggle between two interdependent parties who perceive scare resources, incompatible goals, and interference between the other party in achieving their goals (Hocker & Wilmot, 2013). There are five different conflict styles that people uses to solve their conflicts which are avoidance, placating, competition, compromise, and collaboration. However, people tend to use the same conflict style to solve their conflicts. According to Mahaffey (2016) people develop a pattern on how to solve conflict at the age of five. How can a person determine which style to use in every conflict? Or how can they know which conflict style is the
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The gas station where this author works has 13 employees which are divided into three different shifts. There are three persons for every shift and one who covers the days off for everybody. Everyone at the gas station was working their 40 hours because the owner wanted to have the store in good conditions even if she had to pay a little extra. However, the conflict started when the owner sold the store. The new owner reduced two hundred hours from the schedule in his first week, giving everybody less than 24 hours of work. The new owner did not wanted to fire anyone, but neither wanted to give more hours for the employees. Everyone was in discomfort because they knew that they wouldn’t be able to pay their bills with that amount of hours. From that point on everything went from bad to worst and he continue reducing hours until some of the employees had only 8 hours, and I was one of them. At first I thought that the reduction of hours was an idea from the new owner, but latter I started to believe that the owner was in discomfort with some of the employees. I knew I had to talk to the owner, but I was afraid to do so because I could get …show more content…
Even though, that nobody was totally happy with the result it helped by arranging better the working hours. Nobody was going to work more or less than any other employee. Using the compromise tactic was the best thing to do because it made everybody feel equal. At the end nobody had the forty hours, but the owner increased one-hundred hours to the schedule. This author was very satisfied with the tactic used, because we reached a good agreement and preserved the relationship for the future. Many of the other workers were disappointed but later understood that they would have accepted the same deal if they were in the same position. However, the most important is that the tactics resolved the conflict and did not leaved any hard feelings between the owner and me. This author believes that this tactic was really good for the relationship because each of the interdependent parties involved were willing to cooperate to reach an agreement. Moreover, this tactic focuses in finding a solution that will help resolve the conflict even if it is not what the interdependent party’s desires. Furthermore, this tactic is healthy for relationship because each of the parties has to trade their needs to win concession from the other side

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