Conflict Resolution Essay

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Conflict Resolution
Jason D. Macias
August 30, 2012
Dr. Fathiah Inserto

Conflict Resolution
Often times in life we come across challenges and conflicts. From childhood problems like a cousin taking your toys to adult bar room brawls the way we approach them is important to the outcome. Currently the USA is lodged in the global war on terrorism. Although it is labeled as a war the correct term of it is conflict. My article represents this to a certain extent. It is mainly about the conflict with in the countries themselves and do the western civilizations have the best interests in the outcome.
The Middle East has always been a hotbed for conflict. From religious wars amongst the different sects of Islam to the
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This is not because we want everyone in the world to be free from tyranny and control; it is because we have private interests in those counties resources.
The proper conflict resolution would be to let the people of these countries control their own resources. Let the Middle East’s problems be the Middle East. Our foreign interests in these countries play a big part in why they are torn in the first place. Some support us and others want nothing to do with us. In the best case one could say avoidance and cooperation would go hand in hand with this situation. If these people learned to avoid getting caught in the sea of lies that these dictators and western countries were filling them with then it would make it easier to cooperate with one another. And the majority could learn to get along and not let some dictator take charge and run their every move. It is almost a win-win situation for everyone involved because the people will be able to control while not being exploited. They will be able to eventually use their own country as capital for themselves. The way to keep the peace amongst them would be to learn how to unite and work as a whole. Not to be suckered into believing lies.
Throughout history the Middle East has been in turmoil. They have been exploited and taken advantage of. Even among themselves they war for causes passed through generations due to religious disputes and backwardness. The west has often exploited these people for financial gain and

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