Conflict Resolution Styles And Managing Conflict Essay

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There are five conflict resolution styles to managing conflict. The five styles are Avoiding, Competing, Accommodating, Compromising, and Collaborating.

Avoiding is the strategy that involves ignoring the issue and differences involved in the hopes that they will go away on their own. There is no engagement with the other party, and thus no expression of a struggle, despite the perception of difference. An example was in high school other kids will pick on me and call be different names, but instead of picking fights with them I just ignored them and walked the other way. After a while the kids stopped picking on me because I didn’t care what they called me.

Competing is when people adopt a competing strategy in a conflict, we seek to win at the expense of the other party. An example of competing is when your in a biding war for an object. An example is when I was in English 102 and I was having a debate with the another kid saying that the United States need to raise the minimum wage so people working minimum wage can better support their families and that they don’t have to file for bankruptcy. Another example was my two friends were fighting about which way is the correct way to face the toilet paper under or over. So I came in and said I don’t have a handle for my toilet paper and I won both parties over.

Accommodating is people willfully give in and surrender to the demands and desires of the other person. An example is when I’m with my girlfriend I will ask her…

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